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Others speak of being service orientated, we just do it!  Agents are the best kept secret and we are ready to change that.  Working with an insurance agent doesn’t cost you a thing.  We are compensated by the various insurance companies based on your enrollment in a plan.

We will find the plan that best fits your personal needs.  Medicare can be very confusing and complex.  Our mission is to make it easier to understand and when you leave our office, you will have a better understanding of Medicare and the options available to you.


We are an Independent Health Insurance Agency Specializing in Medicare and Individual Health Insurance

There is no cost to meet with an agent.  We are compensated by the insurance company upon submission of a completed enrollment form.  Your premiums are the same whether you enroll yourself or use an agent.  Why use an agent then?  We certify with numerous companies and do the work, so you don’t have to!  Wouldn’t you prefer someone in your corner to be able to explain bills, correct errors, and advise you on appeal processes?  You can call us directly instead of the insurance company in many instances.  We don’t have a phone tree.  You’ll get a live person at our agency.

Below are the steps we take to personalize Medicare to your specific needs in less time and with more confidence:

Eligibility Discovery

We learn where you’re at today and what is needed for your tomorrow(s).

Personal Appointment

We meet with you for one hour in person or over the phone. During this time we explore your areas of need and narrow your plan selections by helping you understand plan benefits and differences.


We assist clients with completing the enrollment application and submission to the appropriate carrier(s).

Follow Up

We verify that you have received all necessary plan information, and we meet with you annually to review your insurance.


“Thanks for helping me figure everything out. You are such a blessing to me.”
One of our many satisfied clients
“You are awesome. Thanks for all you do for our family.”
A satisfied client
“You certainly have made this Thanksgiving (and Birthday and Surgery) more wonderful!”
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“Very knowledgeable agents and extremely qualified individuals.”
A happy client
“Thank you for helping us through a very confusing time (Medicare). You always have a smile on your face and we are glad we found you.”
One of our many satisfied clients
“Tell your company you are a real asset.”
A satisfied client